Recoveriescorp wins prestigious award for service excellence

Recoveriescorp has received a major industry commendation for consistent service excellence, winning the Product/Service category in the prestigious NAB Supplier Awards for 2014.

Recoveriescorp has been recognised for its proactive strategies, including successful pilot programs which have been incorporated into the business and process reviews, and have led to enhanced workflows and more effective team structures.

We have partnered with NAB to deliver their debt recovery service since 2005. Since then, we have successfully retendered for the collections contract over three tender periods. This award recognises that our close working relationship has not only delivered high recovery rates but extends beyond debt recovery and a reduction in write off rates.

The award commends our strong commitment to compliance and our duty of care as a custodian of NAB’s reputation and brand. Recoveriescorp’s customer-focused philosophy is closely aligned with NAB’s organisational values and we have earned a reputation for handling customer contacts with sensitivity and respect.

This is evidenced by a comment from the bank in our recent client satisfaction survey: “We never have any complaints from our customers. It is really important that they have this customer-centric view because of our standing in the community. We have put a lot of work into developing our relationships with the community, and recoveriescorp is very mindful of that. Our reputation and brand is the most important thing we have.”