Developing high performing teams

There are a myriad of books, blogs and training courses on how to develop high performing teams. We all trawl through them eager to find those great ideas that will help us engage us staff more, build stronger teams and, most importantly, create a winning culture!

by Trudie Balthazaar

At recoveriescorp, we know that ‘going from good to great’ relies upon a winning culture.  As Peter Drucker famously said ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast any day’. Recently, we proudly announced the number of individuals and teams that have received industry awards over the last 12 months. This has been a significant milestone in our culture journey over the last three years as we seek to create a great workforce and a great workplace. 

Our culture plan is based on four key levers:

1. Mindsets – over the last couple of years we have progressively involved all our staff in programs aimed at building self-awareness and positive mindsets.  This has helped to build resilience levels across the organisation and a culture of self-accountability, where people take responsibility for their own motivation and their performance in meeting challenging targets.

2. Behaviours – our icare values have great traction across our business because they are embedded in our day to day activities. No-one succeeds at recoveriescorp unless they consistently demonstrate our values and expected behaviours in the way that they go about their business, and this extends from the CEO up to our frontline staff.

3. Leadership – our leaders are the custodians of our culture, and as such, are expected to be role-models for our desired behaviours. They receive feedback on how effectively they perform this important duty through our engagement surveys and our 360 degree feedback process. We invest heavily in the ongoing development of our leaders and our future leaders because we know that they set the culture for our organisation.

4. Systems and Processes – our culture lies at the heart of all our HR related processes and practices: from our recruitment process where candidates are asked to describe their personal values, to our induction where our values and behaviours are heavily discussed, to our monthly feedback conversations where each individual is provided feedback on their performance, their behaviours and their development, to our performance management systems where the icare values account for 50% of the overall assessment of behaviour, to our succession planning processes and our reward and recognition processes which seek to recognise and reward staff for outstanding performance and outstanding behaviours.

Based on feedback from our staff and our increasing retention rates, we know that we have made significant inroads into creating that winning culture, but the work never ends! We continually review our culture plan alongside the review of strategy and we are always keen to share and learn from our business partners, in a spirit of collaboration.   Going from good to great is a goal we know we all share so let’s use our collaborative thinking to build stronger engagement, stronger teams and that winning culture!